Heat Treatment 

As a manufacturer of alloy and special steels, Iran Alloy Steel Company has the most advanced heat treament  workshop in the Middle East and one of the most modern heat treatment workshops in Asia at its disposal. This workshop is equipped with 5 bogie hearth furnaces, 3 roller hearth furnaces, a water-polymer and oil tanks as well as precise heat treatment control cycle systems. The method of using water and polymer in heat treatment is very important and essential. This method offers numerous advantages in ensuring that domestic and international customer requirements are met. In addition, this workshop with continuous bogie and roller hearth furnaces which are equipped with modern automation and instrumentation is capable of carrying out all heating cycles such as annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering as well as precipitation hardening depending on type of steel and customer's requirements. In order to ensure the required properties a hardness test is carried out immediately following the heat treatment. Furthermore, if required other tests such as impact and tensile test, non-metallic inclusion content determination test,  grain size, decarburization  depth determination, etc. is carried out in order to meet customer's requirements. Being equipped with different advanced facilities, this plant is capable for offering services to other companies by carrying out heat treatment cycles on parts.




Finishing & Inspection Workshop

This workshop is equipped with three non-destructive testing lines, in order to carry out final inspections and finishing. In these lines, machines such as straightening equipments, dimension measuring using laser systems, identification tests, surface defects by Eddy Current and Circoflux, internal defects by using manual and automatic ultrasonic tests, grinding ,defects removing stations, shot blasting equipment and magnetic particles, for inspection of square and flat are installed. For the round products two peeling machines for surface defects removing and creating smooth surfaces and of course precise dimensional tolerances in accordance with ISO h9, ISO h10, ISO h 11 Standards are used. Products are then examined by surface defects machines using the Eddy Current Method and dimensions are finally checked by laser measurement machines.

Finally the products are packaged by advanced packing machines into bundles of weighing maximum 5 tons to meet customer requirements. Metal labels containing product specifications including dimension, length, steel grade, heat number, weight, customer name as well as other specifications are attached on all bundles. Products are then carried to customers via railway, road or sea shipment.




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