The Auxiliary materials purchase department is responsible for the procurement of the consumables through internal or external sources.

The fields of activity of the department are as follows:

-Various rubber o-rings

-Water-tight, gas-tight, air-tight washers, various steel and stainless steel faucets

-Small laboratory instruments, thermocouples, samplers, hydraulic water hoses, acids, telecommunication facilities parts, etc.
-Furniture and fixtures, metallic rails and reels, metallic shelves, metallic rails
-Mechanical fittings and tools, hardened cutting blades, manual tools, various -socket wrenches, hose clamps, hose links, measuring instruments, abrasive cloths and tools


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Department Head: H. Mosavizadeh

Phone: +98-35-31222622




MR. A. Nikkhah               Phone: +98-35-31222528           E-mail:

MR. S. Mazidi                  Phone: +98-35-31222655            E-mail:




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