Central Laboratory

The central laboratory is comprised of a sampling preparation workshop, chemical analysis laboratory with spectroscopy, wet chemistry analysis laboratory, macroetch and metallography laboratory, heat treatment and destructive testing laboratory for evaluation of quality of semi finished and finished products.

Spectrometry laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with advanced devices able to measure thickness of liquids and identifying the quality of metals and the used alloys.

- Quantometer device: able to measure 28 elements in metals and 22 elements in cast iron with 1ppm precision (2 Sets)

- Leco devices: for measuring carbon, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, and surface carbon within ppm range

- XRF device: with 19 monochromators and 3ppm precision


Wet chemistry laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern devices and precise testing instructions as well as experienced and expert staff for analyzing chemical materials.

- ICP system for analyzing 48 elements within ppm range

- Spectrophotometer UV-VIS

- Muffle furnace 1700 C

- Ion selective electrodes I.S.E

- Cutting and sample preperation line


Metallographical laboratory

Equipped with modern and precise tools and instruments, the laboratory is able to examine the macroscopic and microscopic structures of metals, evaluation of grain sizes, impurities, as well as distribution and size of inclusions and depth of decarburization.

- Optical microscopes with the magnification power of up to 2800, photography and video cameras (5 Sets)

- Microhardness tester (1-1000gr load)

- Inspecting fracture sections three dimensional using stereo microscopes

- Visual analyzer using Leica microscopes for measuring impurity sizes based on DIN, ASTM, and JIS standards


Heat treatment laboratory

Conducting hardness tests, as well as hardenability using Jominy method in 1100C furnace and Rockwell hardness tester manufactured by EMCO along with related software

- Water and oil quench equipment

- Heat treatment of different cycles with 500-1550 C temperature in salt bath

- Muffel and vacuum furnaces


Mechanical specifications laboratory

Strain devices of 10, 30, and 60 tons (equipped with 1000C furnace) able to conduct bending and rebending strain, tension, and plotting the tension-strain graphs using advanced software

- ROELL/AMSLER system able to conduct impact test using CHARPY method with the capacity of 450J

- Brinell, Rockwell, Wickers universal hardness testers

- Atuomatic sample preparation machine- Sample preparation shop 




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