Light Section Mill

The products which are fed into this plant by the Billet Casting Unit or the Heavy section mill are initially reheated in a walking beam furnace with a nominal capacity of 45 tons/hour for sizing in smaller dimensions.


This unit manufactures round bars in 12 to 65mm and square bars 40 to 70mm and flat with thickness of 5 to 60mm and width of 18 to 100mm as well as coils in 12mm to 32mm sizes and special section according to customer order. In this plant, billets are continuously rolled into the final section based on roll pass design and complex rolling schedule programs via a shiftable and reversible stand and 16 horizontal and vertical stands.


The dimensions of the products are then checked online and after that are cooled in one of the cooling bases: in air, water or pack annealing. High alloy steel products are fed into the bogie hearth furnace for stress relieving operation .According to production plan, the rolled products are then cut with cold shear or abrasive cut-off machines into the length of customer requirement and then transfer to the following unit.




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