Heavy Section Mill

In the Heavy Section Mill the bloom and slab is reheated in the walking beam furnace with a nominal capacity of 80 tons/hour or in the 5 soaking pit furnaces with a nominal capacity of   15 tons/hour and in accordance with production plans, by using 3 shiftable and reversible stands and one edging stand.          

By rolling the bloom and ingot are converted into 100x100mm, 125x125mm and 150x150mm billets and final round dimensions of 65 to 200mm and flat with width of 60 to 150mm and thickness of 13 to 60 mm, and 75mm to 210mm square with precise dimensional tolerances and special sections to conform to specific customer requirements. On line controlling the dimensions are carried out at the end of the rolling operations.


  The products are then depending on the customers’ requirements, are cut into the predetermined length by using a hot shear or an abrasive cut-off machine according to production planning. Next, the products are cooled down by several methods such as air cooling, water quenching, pack annealing or by a bogie furnace used for stress relieving.


The final products of the heavy rolling plant are then transferred to the heating treatment and finishing units and the semi finished products are delivered to the Billet Preparation Unit for inspection and preparation. In order to achieve the required quality and to detect any internal defects, the billets are then examined in accordance with specific standards and customer's requirements by advanced devices. After shot blasting and the online removal of rolling scales the product surface is then inspected by thermomatic and eddy current devices. In case the defects are more than anticipated, then based on production instructions defects are grinded via automatic grinding machines and are visually checked by the quality control personnel. Following their approval, billets are then taken to the Light section mill for rolling.

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